Freelance services

Events, marketing and website copywriting

I love writing so much I even do it for fun. You can ask me to write optimised content for your website, social posts, printed materials, press releases, email marketing or your newsletters. I can also provide live social media coverage for events and conferences.

Content marketing

Behind every brand is an inspiring story and the incredible people that bring it to life. But do your customers understand where you came from and the faces behind your business?

After a free consultation I’ll do some research. From there I’ll propose the best way to create authentic case studies, articles and blog posts that shows why you are so different from your competitors. People connect to people after all. Read about my work with CareerStone.

Communications strategy

What channels should you be using? What is your message, audience and purpose?

I can help you identify your priorities and build a cross-channel strategy that’s easy to manage. You can choose from my 30/60/90 day startup strategy or a custom communications strategy to fit your needs.

Tone of voice and brand strategy

Do you need help to refine your identity or position your brand?

I can work with your team to create bespoke tone of voice and key message documents. To help you put it all into practice I can also deliver workshops and training. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can be just what’s needed. Read about my recent brand work.